COMPANY Daou Technology is committed to create endless change and innovation.

DaouKiwoom Group

DaouKiwoom Group started off in the IT business areas, having expanded business horizons to online based financial services, contents,
and service businesses. It has also been continuing its stride to overseas, transforming itself into a global enterprise.

Listed Affiliates

With the first listing of Daou Technology on the KOSPI market in 1997, today DaouKiwoom Group has 3 affiliates listed on KOSPI and 4 on KOSDAQ,
a total of 7 listed companies.

Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd

Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd

Founded in May 2000, Kiwoom Securities
has maintained leading market share
of the domestic stock market
for the last 16 consecutive years
SaraminHR Co., Ltd

SaraminHR Co., Ltd

As Korea’s no.1 online job portal, Saramin has the largest number of job listings and provides valuable,accurate and timely career related contents.
Daou Data Corp.

Daou Data Corp.

As an IT solution and service company, Daou data has expanded to a wide range of business areas from solution sales business to settlement businesses on VAN/PG.
Korea Information Certificate Authority, Inc

Korea Information Certificate Authority, Inc

KICA was established in 1999 as Korea’s first certification institute, providing certification services online and non face to face offline channels, along with a range of other business such as security solution, SSL, and electronic documents.
Kidaristudio, Inc.

Kidaristudio, Inc.

Kidaristudio has been publishing a story-based contents into various media platforms since 2014. It is recenlty expending the company's
business to global by offering
a creative content to the platforms.
Wisebirds Inc.

Wisebirds Inc.

Wisebirds is an AD Tech company that
provides campaign optimization solutions.
We provide Facebook, Instagram advertisements,
and efficiency optimization, and operate Google,
Twitter, Naver, and Kakao advertisements.

Global Businesses

DaouKiwoom Group has expanded into USA, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and France, creating outstanding developments
in areas of IT, finance, and service. DaouKiwoom still continues its growth beyond Korea today.


Daou Japan

Business operation of the mail security solution. Having a role of expansion of Daou Technology’s services into Japan market
Partners: Ampere, CTCSP, SecuAvail, NTT group, Hitachi group, etc.

Lezhin Entertainment, Corp

It operates a premium webtoon platform in Japan and actively develops businesses such as exchanging
works with Japanese content companies.


Daou Dalian

We are fostering it as a strategic base for business alliances, investments, and new business development. We manage group assets in China and establish networks with local companies.


Kiwoom Sekuritas Indonesia/Kiwoom Investment Management Indonesia

PT. Kiwoom Sekuritas Indonesia and PT. Kiwoom Investment Management Indonesia are enhancing its businesses
in the Indonesia finance market.


Delitoon SAS

It is a European webtoon #1 platform company that provides Korean contents to France and Germany.


DaouKiwoom Innovation

DaouKiwoom Innovation is providing cloud-based IT services in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.


Lezhin Entertainment, LLC

It operates a premium webtoon platform in the British-American market such as the United States,
and is expanding to the South American market.